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At Safe Swim Academy, we offer private swim lessons for swimmers of all ages and abilities. Whether you’re looking to get your child into one-on-one lessons or you’re a competitive swimmer looking to refine strokes, we are here to help! Private lessons are a great option if you are looking for more time focused on your individual swimmer.

We also offer
semi-private lessons dedicated for siblings or friends of similar age and abilities wanting to be in the same class, promoting motivation and playful competition. Being together with their friend or sibling is a great way to introduce children to swimming without feeling like all eyes are focused on them solely.


Or join our small group lessons for an immersive and enjoyable aquatic experience! Our small, focused classes provide personalized attention, ensuring that students receive expert guidance tailored to their skill level. Beyond skill development, our group setting encourages social interaction, creating a supportive community of learners. Whether you are a beginner or looking to refine your strokes, our professional instructors are dedicated to making each lesson fun, motivating and conducive to building water confidence! 

"Our swim lessons are meant to ensure the finest aquatic learning experience. For over 15 years, being a private swim instructor has been my passion and daily vocation". With a natural calling for the sport of swimming and a vast experience as a swim instructor, Coach Monica has successfully been giving swim lessons to an impressive number of students. Each swim lesson is tailored in accordance with the uniqueness of each student. The methods of teaching Safe Swim Academy has developed and efficiently used, provide our students with one-of-a-kind instruction and lifelong results.


Swimming is the only lesson or sport that could save your life!

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A former Olympic team swimmer

Welcome to Safe Swim Academy! My name is Monica Barbu and swimming is my passion. I have been swimming since I was 4 years old. After 15 years of swimming professionally and reaching the highest level of performance as part of the Romanian Olympic swimming team throughout high school and into my collegian career, I decided to turn my passion into a profession. I have been teaching swim lessons in the US for over 15 years. I am a Certified American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor, and I have worked with 6 months old babies to 14 years old kids. I also have experience training adults, both the fundamentals of aquatics, as well as refining stroke technique at the advanced level. In addition, I have coached professional swimmers ages 14-19 years old.

My vast professional experience in the aquatics field has provided me the opportunity to interact with people from all walks of life with a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. Furthering my education is the US and graduating from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, gave me the opportunity to better understand the importance of finding the proper approach for each student, depending on their personalities and abilities.

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I decided to create “Safe Swim Academy” due to my deep passion for the sport of swimming and because of my strong belief that swimming is more than just a sport - it is an important life-saving skill that will not only keep people safe during all water activities, but will also enrich their lives forever. After years of developing my own unique teaching technique, my goal is to offer my students a safe, fun, and unparalleled aquatic experience.

Meet the coach
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Champion awards

It is my honor and privilege to share with our community all of my success and accomplishments as a former Olympic team swimmer. No matter your swim level, Safe Swim Academy is here to help you in your swimming journey. 


My absolute mission is to lead my students to success and help them achieve their swimming goals in a safe, fun, and interactive environment.

The most rewarding aspect of my profession is being among children, contributing to their safety in and around the water, watching them develop and improve, and being part of their joy when they learn to swim.


I am excited to share my knowledge and experience in the swimming field with kids and families. I look forward to meeting you and providing focused and outstanding service to people all ages who need help learning to swim!

I am eager to share my love of the sport with others. I enjoy teaching because I love seeing my students progress in their skills, and their confidence grow, as well as piece of mind for parents.

Our swim lessons focus on water safety and proper swim technique to ensure you have the most optimal learning experience.

Join Safe Swim Academy and gain the experience of learning a life-saving skill in a safe, fun, positive environment!  

Safe, Fun, Engaging
Swimming is a sport for all

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